CNSL technology: Versatile tools for epoxy adhesives

Chetan Tambe
almost 4 years agoFebruary 8, 2018
The structure of cardanol, indeed, makes it the best candidate for excellent water resistant, low viscous material and the hydroxyl groups provides added advantages for adhesion performance. It's a very thorough review of some of the CNSL based material for epoxy adhesives world. Great presentation, highly recommend!
Gerald Sugerman
almost 4 years agoFebruary 16, 2018
CaSNL  derivatives do provide water resistance, but unfortunately often  at the expense of slow cure
Yun mi Kim
almost 4 years agoMarch 6, 2018
CNSL based curing agents, phenalkamines and phenalkamides, are faster at cure and provide excellent water resistance. With regards to CNSL epoxy modifiers they tend to show slower cure but other non-CNSL epoxy modifiers also exhibit similar effect on cure speed.  Cardanol is CNSL diluent that can give you good water resistance and help to improve cure speed.
Vipin Shukla
almost 4 years agoFebruary 22, 2018
Phenalkamine and Phenalkamide are excellent material for adhesive and Civil Eng & Coating. Do you have good system for composite application, if yes, please send me TDS & MSDS of same.
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